Working on the feet, acupressure points are massaged to promote health and wellness.
You will either be comfortably seated or lying down, and fully clothed for this treatment.

The feet are cleansed with hot cloths before a small amount of massage cream is applied to carry out the treatment.  Gentle relaxation techniques are used to ease into treatment, before the feet are worked according to reflexology points to bring the body into its natural balance (homeostasis).  The treatment concludes with further relaxation techniques and hot cloths.

Even those who are squeamish or who have ticklish feet find the pressure pleasurable and manageable.

The first treatment is usually 90 minutes in length to allow for a consultation with subsequent treatments lasting approximately 60 minutes.  A course of 6 treatments is recommended to begin with, following on with regular (monthly) maintenance treatments.

Reflexology is safe for the majority of people, however certain health conditions may prevent treatment being carried out, e.g. early stage pregnancy, verrucas, athletes foot, etc.  

Wondering if this can help you?  Please contact me for further details.