The most common type of massage is known as Swedish massage where the therapist uses hands, arms, knuckles or elbows to knead and massage muscles in the body.

Different strokes are used throughout the massage which are all tailored to your individual needs, for example:

Expectations of treatment - how you want to feel after the treatment, relaxed, increased range of movement, reduction in muscle soreness, and so on;
What pressure you usually prefer - light, medium, firm, or a mixture;
and any areas of concern you may have.

As a therapist I will usually use a combination of strokes to help me help you achieve your goal, whether it be relief from a sore neck/back, general relaxation, stress relief etc;

Your modesty is preserved at all times using towels and your own underwear.

Massage mediums are used to provide a small degree of ‘slip’ on the skin and this can be oil or cream based.  Essential oils can also be added to the massage medium for additional benefit.

Because everyone is unique; some people want a back and scalp massage; others want legs and feet; others want full body, so I offer massage treatment on a time basis.  You decide how much time you want, and then we plan your treatment based on how much time we have and what area you are most concerned with.  That way you get the most out of your treatment.

To give an example of time required a full body massage will take approximately 60 minutes.  A back, neck and shoulder massage will take approximately 30 minutes.  Please note, minimum timings apply to booking.

There has been a lot of research into the benefits of massage, with more needed in order to clarify exactly what effects it produces.  Personally, I gain so much from having a massage - physical and mental relaxation, emotional well being, pain relief, and perfectly hydrated skin to boot - that it means massage is a part of my regular routine for taking care of myself.  

Once you try it you’ll see for yourself what benefits it brings you.  If you have any questions about massage please contact me.