A deeply relaxing treatment whereby the therapist holds heated basalt stones to massage you using traditional Swedish massage movements.

The stones are hot, but not hot enough to burn you, and they are constantly kept moving when in direct contact with your skin.  The heat is transferred from the stones to your body leaving you feeling relaxed and refreshed afterwards.

Larger hot stones can be placed (on top of towels) on areas of your body to warm them prior to that area being massaged, which adds to the luxury of the treatment.

Your modesty is preserved at all times using towels and your own underwear.

Massage oil is used to provide ‘slip’ on the skin so that the stones glide smoothly.  You will find that slightly more oil is used than for normal swedish massage.  

Because everyone is unique; some people want a back and neck massage; others want legs and arms; others want full body so I offer massage treatment on a time basis.  You decide how much time you want, and then we plan your treatment based on how much time we have and what area you are most concerned with.  That way you get the most out of your treatment. 

To give an example of time required a full body hot stone massage will take approximately 60 minutes.  A back, neck and shoulder massage will take approximately 30 minutes.  Please note, minimum timings apply to booking.

Once you try it you’ll see for yourself what benefits it brings you.  If you have any questions about massage please contact me.